By Aurora James

This heartfelt and family feel business is the wonderful creation of two best friends who become lovers. You can see the dedication, love and creativity in each individual piece they create – making them a business I can only fall in love with. Other than being the perfect love story People create bespoke pieces that are high quality, reasonably priced and ethically produced.

Christian works tirelessly in the outback workshop to produce beautiful women’s sustainable clothing and homeware gifts, whist Alison is out buying and styling for the business. Literally what more could you want from a business? Based in Birmingham, Kings Heath this local store presents itself as a relatable and family led ordeal that feels wholesome and trustworthy in every aspect. People is business that you should definitely be keeping your eye on, which is super easy to do thanks to the blog on their site! Don’t just take our word for it, have a look yourself: The People Blog.