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We love to hear what you have to say. Contact Mardy by email at or get in touch through our social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Want to be part of Mardy?

We love collaborating, featuring and working with the wonderful people of Birmingham. If you have something you would like to feature, a collaboration concept or are simply looking for an opportunity to be involved, get in touch. We will work directly with you to make you idea come to life, however big or small. We can’t wait to hear from you! Tips:

  • - Keep the pitch short and sweet, we can get into the finer details later on.
  • - Ensure this is an original and relevant topic.
  • - Sustainability and localism are key.
  • - Be passionate about your work – we are in everything we do at Mardy.

Student Internships

We currently run an internship program in partnership with Birmingham City University and University of Birmingham to help give students the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in industry. Please speak to someone from your university course staff and they will be able to provide you will all the information required on how to apply.

Although we run this program through the universities, we are always looking for extra help and collaboration outside of this, so we would still love to hear from you. Anything from a few hours to a long-term placement* may be available throughout the year.

So, get in touch! We look forward to hearing all about your skills and what you feel you can bring to Mardy.

*Please note this will be an un-paid position on a volunteer basis and subject to availability of work here at Mardy. Financial cover of expenses will be negotiable.

Advertisements and Sponsorship

We value the environment, the local community and transparency here at Mardy. We believe in supplying our readers with 100% authentic and trustworthy content, which extends to our choices in sponsorship and advertising too. If you feel the same way, please get in touch as we would love to work with you.

We are always looking for partners and sponsors to be involved in Mardy and offer a range of options across print, events and online. Please get in touch to discuss fees and how we can incorporate a bespoke advert for you. Subtlety is our specialty as we don’t feature full page advertising spreads or in-your face product placements. We incorporate your brand into the core of the magazine, in-line with our design and values, featuring you in articles, online posts and collaborating with your brand to really showcase your core beliefs and values to our readers.

Why not help us host an event? We are looking for key sponsors to get on board with the amazing events we organise here at Mardy magazine. Think pop-up shops, community workshops, art gallery openings, independent venue gigs and much more.